Zo is thirty years old and has been a performing guitarist for 8 years. He has been teaching people how to play and understand the guitar/piano for four years. Born in London, he was raised in North County, San Diego, where he currently resides. He is a graduate of CSULB with a degree in Jazz Guitar Performance, and during his time there he studied Blues, Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Classical, and Irish Folk Music. While at CSULB he joined an Irish Folk Band, and started his own Blues band along with vocalist Christina Wilson.

He’s studied under many influential guitarists across the country. In Los Angeles, Ron Eschete and Mike Higgins. In New York, Peter Mazza, Gilad Hekselman, and Michael Valeanu. Finally, in San Diego he studied with Bob Boss, Lorraine Castellanos, Fred Kunze. These experiences have prepared him for large ensembles, quintets, quartets, trios, duos, and solo guitar performances in a variety of styles.

Zo has been teaching about thirty students on a weekly basis for four years, and each student performs four performance recitals. For more information on lessons, please click the Lessons button below.

Artists Zo has performed with:

Guitarists: Bob Boss, John Storie, Will Brahm, Paul Castelluzo, Grant Fisher, Louis Valenzuela

Vocalists: Leonard Patton, Lorraine Castellanos, Amelia Browning, Julia Boulos, Christina Wilson

Horn players: Robert Dove, Ian Tordella, Charlie Arbelaez (saxophone), Matt Hall (trombone)

Other: Ian Harland (vibraphone/drums), Anthony Lopez (piano), Eric Hagstrom (drums), Dante Fire (bass), Rob Thorsen (bass)